PSN: A New Approach to Gaming


PlayStation Network brought a new thing to the online gaming ground. It came hand in hand with Sony’s release of PlayStation 3 and gave a broader and highlighted service to users. PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PS3 are now connected to the Internet. Users can now play games with other users across the globe. Announce of PSN was at a meeting in 2006 and was then released when PS3 pioneered in stores. You should also try the Free PlayStation Network Code Generator that can  be found here.

PSN is free to all with the use of the Internet. It has a wallet-like system wherein you can virtually add real money to your wallet and allows you to use that money to buy from the PlayStation Store. This is through the PlayStation Network Cards. With the launch of this advanced gaming console, many features and changes have been added to what the traditional users were used to.


  • Instant Messaging
  • Friends List
  • Allows 100 friends on PS3 and 2000 friends on PS Vita and PS4
  • Online Gaming
  • Matchmaking, cross-platform play and competitive and cooperative multiplayer in reinforced titles.
  • PlayStation Live
  • Allows live browsing and streaming to archived games.
  • Parental Controls
  • Limits the access to contents that are age restricted and to the shopping cart plus a block list to bar contact to other users.
  • Share Play
  • Even if users don’t have a copy of the game, they can invite online friends to join game sessions.
  • Remote Play
  • Users can use tablets, PlayStation Vita or Sony Xperia smartphones for handheld gameplay video streaming from PlayStation 4. Supported games are played remotely.
  • Portable ID
  • This is a small info graphic that shows the online ID of the users and their trophy level. It is intended to be used as a forum signature.
  • Trophy Achievement scheme


  • PlayStation Vue
  • Television streaming service that provides live and TV catch-ups.
  • PlayStation Music
  • Music streaming service through Spotify.
  • PlayStation Video
  • Movie streaming service
  • PlayStation Now
  • Video game streaming service that offers member access to the library over 100 PlayStation 3 games.
  • Live Events Viewer
  • Users can watch music, entertainment and sport events live.


  • PlayStation App
  • Android and iOS devices have access to PSN. They can watch live streams and connect with friends online.
  • The Playroom
  • Users can turn their living rooms into a TV studio where they can broadcast live and they can also play the collection of mini-games in AR (Augmented Reality).
  • ShareFactory
  • Players are allowed to stitch together screenshots, music and videos of their gaming moments.

PSN is a success then and now. It offers loads of services and features for everyone unlike other digital entertainment services. Sony Entertainment Network did a great job in making this service available. It became broader through the years. PSN was made premier by its unifying games and other features and continues to evolve impractically. It is indeed a new approach to gaming because of the unlimited options it offers.